Server Rules

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These are subject to change. Up to date info can be found in the Discord.

Each divisions rules will be posted here.

(AFO) Squad Server Rules

Squad Rules:

– No Squad leading with without the Squad Leader/Lead Crewman/Lead Pilot kit and a microphone (You must communicate with your Squad & team).

– No religious, controversial or political views (that includes controversial/offensive squad names)

– Infantry squads must be minimum of 4 players.

– You may be a one-man locked squad only if: You’re a Logistic Truck/Helicopter/BDRM/MRAP & use them to help the team.

– You may be a two-man locked squad only if: You’re a crewman vehicle squad (Tank/BTR/Stryker/Lav).

– No making squads and then passing SL to someone else as soon as anyone joins, you WILL be kicked for that.


– No toxic behavior (belligerency, voice/chat spamming, racism), you will get kicked/banned.

– No Racism, Bigotry, Bullying.

– No religious, controversial or political views (that includes controversial/offensive player names).

Assets (vehicles):

– First come first serve, whoever claims the vehicle first will receive the vehicle.

– You may sit in a vehicle to wait for your secondary crewman to arrive, but if said crewman does not make an active effort to get into the vehicle you may be asked to leave it if another Squad has the possibility to use it.

– Do not take vehicles from other Squads if you did not receive permission to take said vehicle from the Squad which was using it (unless they’re far away/abandoned it/have no use for it anymore), if found doing so you may be removed from the server.

– Abandoning a vehicle out in the middle of nowhere may find you being removed from the server, please always park/abandon vehicles near friendly FOBs.

– Misusing a vehicle (using a Stryker to transport troops and nothing else) may find you being warned not to do so again.

Misc Rules:

– No intentional team killing (Apologize in [ALL] Chat for accidental teamkills). The importance of apologizing for teamkills is so we can identify legitimate accidents vs. a jerk off running around teamkilling intentionally.

– No cheating of any kind. That includes glitches that give you an advantage.

– No one-manning crewman vehicles. Minimum 2 players are required in a Tank/BTR/Stryker/Lav.

– No unassigned players (player must join a squad). – No friendly/team sabotage (of any kind).

– No camping the enemy Main Base (That includes mining enemy base entrances). The last capture point is as far as the offense goes. NO EXCEPTIONS. It’s up to ADMIN discretion on what counts as camping main due to the many different layers and distances to main.

– No Advertising (exception being Twitch/YouTube/Mixer/alike links).

– You will be autokicked if you have not set up your Steam profile.

– Ping must be below 200ms.

– You may not have the (AFO) tag in your player name if you’re not in (AFO).

– No helicopter ramming.